Will You Do It For A Scobby Snack?


One of the first tricks I taught Onyx was to stay. She is still a puppy and loves to play. She does not know how to relax. There is no such thing as too much play time with her. She is extremely food motivated.

One of the most wholesome experiences I had with her is when she would violently give her paw to people expecting a treat in return. I taught her that trick because it was cute and everyone found it adorable. Onyx loved the attention she received from it.

However, that cuteness came to end during a Thanksgiving get together. She would give her paw to the little kids and knock their plate over in the process. Onyx would then proceed to vacuum their food off the floor. She did this at least three times throughout the night, she knew exactly what she was doing.


Art I commissioned from Rebbeca Martin. She does a lot of dog portraits for a very reasonable price. Support local artist! She is based in New York.

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